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'They were huddled at a corner table': The My So-Called Life hunk has also been rumoured to be dating supporting actress frontwoman Lupita Nyong'o after they were seen at Manhattan's Crosby Street Hotel He continued: 'Oprah marched up to me at the SAG Awards and was very supportive.

However, the lovers never made it down the aisle and ended their relationship three years later.

This so impressed the director he now says: "He looks like Jesus.

I'm a disciple." Apparently the Oscars Academy is too; Jared was rewarded with a best supporting actor nomination.

Leto The phrase “Oscar winer Jared Leto” still sounds a little off, but the actor did deserve his Best Supporting Actor statue in 2014 for his transformation into Rayon, the trans HIV victim who became a heroine in , Franco has held a coveted place in the Judd Apatow/Seth Rogan comedy apparatus, appearing in just about every noteworthy Rogan bro-down of the past decade (there have been a lot).

And while we loved him as a brain-dead drug dealer in .

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Stranger still is that both actors have followed near-identical, yet equally unlikely trajectories, parlaying breakthroughs as alt-teen heartthrobs (Franco in ) into eventual Oscar nominations (and in Leto’s case, a win). Both front rock bands (Franco has a Morrissey-inspired band, Daddy, and of course Leto has Thirty Seconds to Mars) and have fronted Gucci campaigns, both have tried their hand at directing, both have been comic-book villains (Franco as Harry Osborn in ), both have (allegedly) had sexual encounters with Lindsay Lohan, both are objectively beautiful, single white men whose names start with "J." And the casting announcement of either actor in any project tends to elicit, these days, a unique existential apathy that manifests itself in an eye-roll accompanied by, “I guess that makes sense.”A unicorn is by definition singular, and yet here we are presented with two. With those squinty eyes and the devilish grin, Franco brought an undeniable star charisma that transcended the high school genre (my mother swooned at the time). Where Desario was simply failing classes, Catalano was straight-up illiterate.

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