Im mexican dating black guy

Have you tried asking her in a non judgemental, non racist manner? We shouldn't still be having this conversation in the 21st century!

If she's young she could very well just be doing it to piss you off and wherefor it might just be a phase if that's how she was raised to view other races. I don't understand why people have color preferences at all. Try taking a look at why you think he's "worthless".

Like myself I agree with the girl way above, saying what does it matter on the color of your skin? You're going to be believing in something wrong, we are in America a nation of freedom. What I don't understand is why white people are prejudice in the first place toward black people. no not all black men date white women because they really love them.I'm sorry I really am that I am apparently prejudice I have a black guy that I have worked with for years that I have talked with him of course he don't wear his pants down to his knees but he says he doesn't hate me for the way that I feel and that he can kind of you for the reply and I wish you the best with your relationship but maybe my real problem isn't his race it was just mentioned maybe it is the fact of personality and lack of enthusiasm and I didn't give her everything so she could just let someone walk all over take take take and not give anything to the relationship but sex and a few nice words. I just like that thug style the sagging pants the big tee'z . you should be happy for us not bring us down or judge us.I dont understand why people are prejudice because just because they are black or because their mexican hispanic etc etc. and personally I think black guys are and mexicans'are *sexier*.Not all White-men are stereotypically mean and hateful arrogant and believing only white women should date white men. I'm mexican and I'm a hard worker, religious, kind, and just a pretty good person. girls are just attacted to what they are attacted too... if your daughter is still young and the guys she is with is still young then maybe he dont know what he wants to do yet.. But it seems like they are still really young yet... I think sometimes people would like to step outside of the box and experience dating people of diffrent races, then you would know that its their personality you like or maybe some other specific trait that they have. But as for your daughter, she just has that sorta taste. And I date black, white, mexican and any boy that will treat me right.Thats just something thats been apart of the white-men culture for a very long time here in America. when the White-man was so prejuduce against black people in there highschools? The reason is White-men have long been the far superior commanders even though what they did was sometimes wrong for example: White-men use to have african americans, and indians, as slaves because the White-man was in charge in America. I'm not full of myself but I know what my pros and cons are. I wouldnt be soo judgemental they are just people they are like me and you... because hes not mature enough to know and is just still young I would give this guy some time and atleast a chance.. that is some fancy writing there, I am still married to her father which I have been for 23 years I do think some mixicans are cute as well as some black men,asian men etc. You say a bunch of black guys want white girls as trophies. You love who you love and skin color has nothing to do with it. even if they are together for a long time he will know what to do for when he does have a family... well I was talking about her mexican boyfriend and you said I am mexican and I work am religious and not full of yourself. And you can't change someone by force, you have to just let her go and make mistakes. Its never about the color or religion of the man all that really matters is that he treets your daughter right and makes her happy.

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Are you sure it's not just because he's Mexican? Ask youself honestly: Have I really given this guy a chance?

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