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Today, there are perhaps 5000 Wandervogel members in many unrelated associations around Germany.It's interesting that in the US, those organizations that compete with the Girl Scouts of the USA typically feel that GSUSA is too liberal, and tend to be conservative and often Christian only, while those organizations that compete with the Boy Scouts of America typically feel that BSA is too conservative, and tend to be liberal and to stress their inclusivity. Camp Fire—Camp Fire is a non-denominational, inclusive, US-only program started almost immediately after the Boy Scouts in 1910 (17 March).BSA's Ernest Thompson Seton, Dan Beard, and James West were all members of the Camp Fire Girls Advisory Committee formed that spring.Interestingly, West always regarded the Camp Fire Girls (and not the Girl Scouts) as the girl's equivalent of Boy Scouting.Through KE Scouts, "kids participate in activities, trips, and awareness/learning sessions that foster earth-friendly ways to leading a sustainable life." Planet Earth Scouts—This is an "all age global network guided by values/principles systems/structures geared towards our transition to a healthy sustainable future!

Langdon also created three ranks of achievement for the girls: Wood Gatherers, Fire Makers, and Torch Bearers.

Its official founders were Charlotte Vetter Gulick and Luther Halsey Gulick, MD.

By 1910, Charlotte Gulick had developed a summer camp in Maine she named Camp Wo He Lo (Wohelo is still Camp Fire's 'watchword', representing ve).

Youth membership is open to anyone from age 6 weeks to 21, with emphasis on kids aged 5-16.

Today, 42% of Camp Fire's youth membership is male, though male participation drops off significantly in the older age range (for example, only 10% of 2012 recipients of the Wohelo Award were male).

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These organizations pre-date Scouting, and hence were doing "Scout-like" activities before there was Scouting.

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