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The metaphor is a beautiful one, even powerful– something I understood better once I was married to a wonderful person– but .In a chapter titled ” Unleash Your Libido or Real It In” he talks about at least one situation where he has counseled people that were involved in a church where dating is frowned upon .He found that with this person “this ’spiritual’ teaching was covering the fact that he was hiding from sexual problems, insecurities, and lots of weirdness” He then states his opinion on the affects of a non dating policy: In the name of purity, chastity, and good morals, singles have been desexualized.American Christian culture has idolized marriage, and one of the ways they’ve done it is through over-literalizing one metaphor among many.It was convenient for them to perpetuate a whole set of cultural conceptions and roles, so they took advantage of it.

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