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Beshaley / Beshly, Gypsy name of the Stanley tribe.

He could cour drey his besh, he could fight in his time. Down: soving aley, lying down; to kin aley, to buy off, ransom. Also, likewise, too: meero pal asau, my brother also. An affix by which the future tense of a verb is formed, e.g. Left, sinister, wrong, false: bango wast, the left hand; to saulohaul bango, like a plastra-mengro, to swear bodily like a Bow-street runner.

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Blower is used by Lord Byron, in his ' Don Juan.' Speaking of the highwayman whom the Don shoots in the vicinity of London, he says that he used to go to such-and-such places of public resort with--his blowen.

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