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So I mention that I play certain video games in my profile, which gives me a high 'match %age' with other people who play those games.

POF was a bit of a meat market in my experience, just people wanting to hook up.

It doesn't necessarily have to be for dating purposes, but rather it works for people just wanting to increase their online network. pretty basic, as we're still working on it.

)For more immediate solutions to your, how about joining nerd-like clubs or going to conventions in real life?You have to invest a bit more time and effort into your OKC profile; and you can answer questions about sex and relationships and what you're looking for; which helps filter out the sleezes.You get the occasional sleeze but then you get lovely gamer boys too, like my boyfriend :)You can't have my boyfriend though.You can read the horror/comedy of errors and success stories over on r/Ok Cupid for more detailed advice.Basically like u/Pink Oreos said they're easy to just block or don't reply.

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