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You can play for free until you get to level 5, you have to pay for a membership to be able to jump, and you only can have one horse unless you have a membership. I have a Brunblakk Norwegian Fjord named Chance (Stallion) and a domain (pure white) English Thoroughbred named Stella (Mare). Don't call me cute either This is the best ever horse game.

You also only can ride in a small area unless you have a membership. I found a little tip for those of you who, like me, can't pay for the memberships. Btw, friend me On SSO: Jasmine Sunrock (The Name's Wolf or Alex). You get to buy horses, explore, do quests, championships, races, hang with friends, create or join a club, and just have fun.

And some tack is also only for star riders and ONLY star riders unlock new places and learn how to jump. I'm at level eleven and I see girls on the game who are at level 80! And that they kept some of the original characters from the other games (I'm not that far in the game, so I don't know how many of the original characters are there). When I drove into Jorvik Stables, the first thing I said was "I remember this place! Naming: You're gonna buy a club and don't know what to name it...I recommend this game for someone who really loves horses! On this game I have met lots and lots of different players. I am not a star rider and I have been playing this game for 2 years with a level 15 horse and a level 5 character, I really want a life time membership but my parents won't get it for me.Some games are just games, but this game: best in the world! I love star stable and especially the free star rider pass. My account name is Brielle Purplewood so if you see me on say hi. I enjoy this game but there is nothing to do anymore.I am on level 5 and if you are a having trouble like the freaky bulldozer first of all you must be on level 6 and second of all you have to wait weeks and weeks to get 99999999 dollars in cash, and 99999999 in coins as well.The freaky sign ### that means that your not allowed to say, you have to talk to them.

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