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And afterwards we would always cool down with a nice hot shower in the locker room.

We were both straight as a stick, so we never thought much of it.

As we were driving to dinner I was teasing her and running my hand up her dress to her panty covered pussy.I was 19 and relatively inexperienced, so over the next few years we both learned how to fuck and suck together.Lana is tall for a woman, 5’11’’, and although a little chubby her height gives her..We would jack off together and not care, but one day, my curiosity got the best of me. "Hell fuckin yeah I'm serious, now get down on your knees bitch" He laughed, but got down on his knees.It was a normal day like any other and we had just got done with a very intense workout. Once the water got hot we started soaping up and talking about how things were going. Finally I asked him "Wouldn't it be crazy if we were in the showers one day and we just started fucking and everyone came around and watched us and jacked off and shit." He kinda gave me a weird look, so I was starting to worry, but then he smiled and said "Yeah, that would be kinda fun." I didn't remember saying anything about fun, so I continued, "You wanna try it right now? He didn't seem too sure about the whole situation, but neither did I.

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