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I'm wondering if Donatella is going to have a bigger role in the story than I think, because otherwise there aren't a lot of women involved.

I'm curious if the relative quality of the season to the source material.At best he won't make viewers cringe or take them out of the show, will have nice chemistry with Edgar, and will have enough makeup on to make any intimate scenes look good.[quote]I would expect lots of speedos, maybe even hideous thongs, in the beach scenes trying to capture that era.If it's all board shorts, you know the network is wussing out.I don't doubt Murphy will lobby for as many awards as he can and Criss is teacher's pet.R40 Ricky can't act though, and can basically only be himself.

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Why, Darren Criss only posted that thirst-trap picture because he wanted to reclaim his speedo pictures away from the paps.

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