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HUME: Well I don't think, we're dealing with a professional.

I don't think that anyone that we've heard about was James Bond.

I do think about it, on what kind of world my children will live in, and how I want it to be a place they want to explore and make their own.

FNC: James Clapper says that he has 'no doubt' Russia influenced the 2016 presidential election.

Burnett: Yes, I guess in a way because it’s more tangible in my mind.

It’s not even so much about having kids, but as you start to get older, you’re like, “Gosh, we used to be that generation that everyone talked about, “the future is yours.” As you get older, you realize this is our responsibility now, can’t be looking at someone else and blaming them for what’s being handed to me.

The Wrap: What’s different about CNN now than when you came over four years ago?

Burnett: I think it has a new energy, enthusiasm, and an identity that maybe were a little less defined before.

That which is to say the FBI was acting as it's -- in its capacity as our domestic, domestic spy agency.

MACCALLUM: Well, what do you think about James Clapper, you know coming out now and talking about the fact that -- you know, he's very unhappy.

He says, "After I left government service, I had my own decision to make.

I interviewed him at CNBC and he was apart of a series that we did and I was on The Apprentice a few times when Ivanka couldn’t be there.

In a sense, it gives us a different perspective on Trump, and it’s an interesting confluence that you see now because a lot of people see it purely as a political story and for us, given our background.

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When every show across all networks is leading with him, what’s your take to differentiate your coverage?

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