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Dungey, who is African-American and the first woman of color to ever head a network entertainment division, took a considerable risk in embracing a loud-mouthed loose cannon in Barr.But then the ratings came in for ABC’s double-episode, March 27th relaunch of Roseanne.It seemed to be a show that genuinely sought to bridge some of the country’s seemingly ever-wider divisions.Roseanne Conner, pro-Trump in broad terms, also showed an ability to see other sides of the equation as the sitcom settled in.Just two weeks ago, Barr took the stage alone at the start of ABC’s annual “upfront” presentation to advertisers.

In times of reboot mania on the part of broadcast networks and the streaming service Netflix, Roseanne by far had been the most successful second coming.

ABC for a time looked the other way in respect to some of Barr’s previously unhinged tweets. But she finally went too far, as anyone should be able to see.

I thought her sitcom revival had a number of funny and strong moments during the course of its nine episodes this season.

Even so, the swiftness of ABC’s action got the post-Memorial Day week off to a jolting start.

The network’s Roseanne reboot, which rocketed to the top of the ratings charts and received an instant pickup from its blown away network, is now nothing more than a vacancy in next fall’s Tuesday prime-time lineup.

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