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After executing above command "JSFWeb App Ex.war" file will generate in target folder of the project.

Copy the generated "JSFWeb App Ex.war" file from target folder to your tomcat webapp folder and start the server.

the URL will still stay the same as this is a page "forward".

If you want the URL to change, then you need to do a "sendredirect" by defining the navigation rule in the

It also demonstrates how Maven brings in the relevant dependent JAR files.

Specifically, it allows you to create HTML5 pages using a new template, provides code completion for HTML5 elements, provides a Properties editor for HTML5 attributes, and provides a WYSIWYG editor for visual development of HTML5 pages. It turns out that in HTML5 the type attribute defaults to “text” if not specified. Select the text field in the top half of the editor. Click on the Properties view and its Attributes tab. Click on the drop-down to the right of autofocus and select autofocus. Verify that the autofocus attribute is listed in the source code section of the editor. Close the HTML file if you already have it open using the HTML Editor. Right click on the file and choose Open With-Web Page Editor. The top half of the editor displays the visual view of the page and the bottom half of the editor displays the source code. To make use of the new editor, follow these steps: 1. By default, the Design tab is displayed, which offers a split view for easier editing. Check the box next to the new browser (e.g., Google Chrome). Notice that the document contains the new DOCTYPE element which is used to specify “non-quirks mode” (a.k.a. It also contains the simplified meta element which is used to specify the UTF-8 character encoding. Simply press Ctrl-Space and a list of valid HTML5 elements will be listed. Stick your cursor inside the element’s start tag, press Ctrl-Space, and you’ll see a list of valid attributes: The Helios release of Eclipse also has a WYSIWYG editor for HTML development. The tags are displayed in green, the attributes in purple, the attribute values in blue, and the element values in black.

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For Java EE Application Server like Glassfish In most Java EE application servers, it has build-in support for JSF 2.0, so you need to download the single JSF API for development purpose.

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