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They’ve been man and wife for our allotted biblical lifespan. Indeed, the Queen and Prince Philip’s marriage has been running even longer than The Archers, and has provided the wallpaper and backdrop to almost all our own domestic dramas. He’s the oldest male member of the Royal Family ever (96), and this is the longest Royal marriage in history.They are the premier Continuity Couple of our times.What did those two get so right when it came to their own union, one can’t help wondering, that three out of their four children got wrong?But the groom’s subordinate status was also made very plain.His four sisters were banned on the grounds you couldn’t invite ‘the Hun’ (some were married to Germans) so soon after the war. While Prince Charles moaned his marriage was a Greek tragedy, and the unions of Anne and Andrew collapsed in the infamous annus horribilis, the Queen and Prince Philip sailed serenely on the course they planned in 1947, and tried to steady others if possible in the same direction.

Meanwhile, it was clever of the Queen to make him top dog at home, and head of the Royal Household, and to keep the leash long.

They have hit on the perfect formula for them, which is to find the pleasure in duty. The only garment I’ve bought this ‘season’ is a navy serge boilersuit (from the workwear outfitters Spry, as I’m sure you’ll all be asking me).

Then I read that Vogue has identified a new trend, which it puts down to the worldwide ‘Weinstein moment’: brown corduroy, baggy sweaters, clogs and plaid. I reckon my man-repelling boilersuit is bang on the ‘death of sex’ trend – and even though I look like a garage mechanic, I can feel ‘fashion forward’ for the first time in my life. ➤➤ A Japanese rail firm has grovelled about the ‘severe inconvenience’ caused when an express left 20 seconds early. ‘In this age of shrinking publicity budgets it is very generous of John Lewis to devote their Christmas campaign to my 1986 picture book.’Illustrator Chris Riddell suggests the company has plagiarised his story Mr Underbed for its festive ad.‘We’re a very down- to-earth family.’Tamara Ecclestone, as her reality TV programme shows her living in a £70 million mansion complete with a three-storey play area.‘The pictures are split 50-50 – a normal young girl and then this weird hybrid…

After all, the portents were not that auspicious at the outset.

Philip was a ‘cosmopolitan European’ and alpha male who had to suffer the indignity of not passing his own name to his children, wearing a kilt at Highland games, walking behind his wife, and yet, somehow it’s worked for seven decades.

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