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(And Heather even knows my niece, which was just a tad more insulting than I expected from her, too.) Carole responded with her own blog post on, writing: 'When Adam and I started seeing each other, I wasn’t sure if it would develop into anything worth talking about. But after a few weeks, it was clear that we like each other’s company; he was kind and cooked; but mostly, he thought I was funny.'Adam had dated [Luann's] niece, and while they had broken up over a year before Adam and I met, they remained friends. I assumed Luann would be happy to hear of her little love connection - it’s good karma!

Sam, who came in third on the second season of Bravo's (back to that in a minute) Two things.CCADV works with a diverse network of rural and urban domestic violence advocacy programs across Colorado to encourage appropriate and comprehensive responses to family violence, domestic violence, and dating violence against adults or youth.Along with Black History Month, February also marks Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month.Nicholas Stefanov, who was 30 at the time, said Kelly socked him in the eye during an argument.The case was dismissed in August, but perhaps Sam, 32, should know that Kelly can get aggressive with her younger boytoys.

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