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and i'm not like obese but i'm definelty not skinny. I see a lot of girls on here complain about double standards though.

Which is very limiting but thats what I find a better fit for me personally. I am considered average looking, so some men have issues with my lack of prominent lips and chest and maybe my knobby nose (nobody has dared to say my nose is too wide...yet! I tend to gravitate toward those who find *me* attractive rather than trying to convince someone I am.

It comes down to how confident you are and how well you carry/present yourself.Ultimately, as cliche as it sounds, your personality will matter more, including your humor, wit and capability of holding an intellectual conversation. I have learned in my 30's that more men than not like a woman with curves. OP, men like curvy hips& butts and it's not really relevant to your size as even thin girls can have curvy hips& a bubbly butt.So I'm considered pretty, i guess, but i do have a butt and hips. but then i see very large women with loving husbands Having that pretty face is a huge advantage, seems to make sense to mold a healthy lifestyle to go along with it at your age, so that other parts of you don't become a dealbreaker for all those healthy fitness guys out there that want to see that face up close.. I'm thin but I have a booty and my hips flare out...The main thing that matters is that a person has an attractive face, which you seem to have.Women often have a misconception that most guys like skinny girls.

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