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16) and in books whose pre-70 date is disputed (cf. let the Nazarenes [= Christians] and the Minim [= heretics] perish as in a moment, let them be blotted out of the book of the living and let them not be written with the righteous …’. heretics; the reference to the ‘Nazarenes’ or Christians in the ninth-century text, therefore, seems to be a later supplement. Möhler in 1833 he identified his method as Hegelian (TZT 1833, IV, 421 n.), and an earlier influence of Hegel cannot be excluded. Bousset (note 52), 157 ff., 265–71 = GT, 107 ff., 201–6. In the same night it was revealed to Andrew, one of the apostles, that while all were to go over [it], John in his own name should write everything down.’ Cf. the reservations about the Gospel of John expressed above. 1) were, according to the New Testament evidence, threatened with lynching or were ‘reviled’ and ‘driven out’ ἐξέβαλον Acts 13. If this was so, In the rabbinic sources the Prayer refers to the ‘Minim’, i.e. [the Fourth Evangelist] has reconciled the myth with history…’ (220 = GT, 162). Ellis (note 2), 45–62; , who is probably correct in attributing the ‘Christianized’ interpretations of the Old Testament peculiar to the First Gospel to a Matthean ‘school’ of exegetes. A somewhat similar tradition is reflected in the Muratorian Canon (9–16): ‘The fourth of the Gospels, that of John, [one] of the disciples: When his fellow-disciples and bishops urged him, he said: Fast with me from today for three days, and what will be revealed to each one let us relate to one another.The problem is that the destruction of the temple in 70 AD is not mentioned anywhere in the New Testament books.Jesus Christ prophesies this, yet there is no mention of its fulfillment. (note 41), he also regarded the attitude toward second marriages and the order of widows in the Pastorals as a sign of a post-Apostolic date (1964 (1913), 75 f., VII–XV, 246 f.Only the brief books of Jude and 2 John were not referenced, but they certainly had to have been written (Jude, being Jesus’ half-brother, was almost certainly dead by 100 AD and 2 John would have to be written because it came before 3 John, which is quoted by the church fathers.).

The Prayer may have been used against Christians, among others, by the mid-second century when Justin (, 1233–6, he ‘undertakes to show that a considerable part of the New Testament is a forgery’, e.g. The interpretation of Pauline ‘knowledge’ and ‘wisdom’ in terms of a Gnostic (or Wisdom) mythology was carried out by later ‘history of religions’ research, e.g. A σίλλυβος with the name ‘Luke’ was in all likelihood attached to this dedicated work from the beginning. A case for a pre-70 or post-70 origin of the Johannine epistles has not, I think, been made.

In a court of law the testimony of one expert is considered evidence, however it is frequently offset by another expert with a differing opinion. The data for this list will always be a work in progress and is constantly changing as it is being updated.

The same thing happens in the academic community as to when the New Testament books were written. I do grant permission for a link to this page if proper credit is given.

Often Bousset appears, like Evanson, to envision a unilinear ‘stream of development’ (12 = GT, VIII).

For Bousset, of course, the miracles and resurrection of Jesus could not have occasioned, at the very beginning, the divine status ascribed to him since apart from ‘the gift of healing’ (100 = GT, 59) they were rejected a on philosophical grounds and were regarded as mythical elaborations. 98–106 = GT, 57–65, where his philosophical assumptions are clearly evident.

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They appear in books generally recognized to be pre-70 (I Cor.

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