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Any significance to the fact it was made before 1941 and that it has no other mark?Regards and many thanks again, Crow See this table to determine which year your pistol was made: It is important to realize that Walther made PP for a long time, since 1929.If all you have is just the regular Cown N mark, then most likely you have a pistol made for commercial sales. I know a little bit about Walther PP because I own three that were made after WW Two by Manuhrin, France under license from Walther. Your best bet is take some photographs and start your own thread.Maybe others will recognize something that you do not know is important. i think you are right that it was destined for commercial sales; the next question is, what is its value.I have one more question though: Being new to Walthers i went ahead and bought a magazine for the .380 Walther i bought but have yet to receive.When i got it i noticed it has a ridge on the left side, while other magazines i see are smooth on both sides.

Can someone explain to me if this means the magazine is for a post WW2 Walther .380, PP or PPK perhaps? You should be able to place your pistol in this range and determine the approximate date of manufacture.So, if it's got an "ac" code and no other marks on the slide..... Walther stopped using their commercial markings on the PP late in the war (late 1944 I've been told) and went to the 'ac' marking to help speed production, along with other short cuts along the way.As already stated, the 'ac' marking was not used at any other time other than during WW2 production by Walther. I have a Walther PP for sale, and I have a guy who wants to buy it, but he won't buy it unless I can prove that it is war time.None of the books i have discuss the difference in magazines, nor mention the ridge (elevation) on the side.Can someone explain to me if this means the magazine is for a post WW2 Walther .380, PP or PPK perhaps?

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It is a standard PP, there are no markings on it except for the serial number and maker code.

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