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The problem is if I have sex in the woods and don’t manage to get a shower afterward, I almost inevitably end up with cystitis—“feminine wipes” just don’t seem to work. Humans have been successfully sexing it up outdoors since before we were humans, so this is a great one to talk to your doctor about.In the meantime, switch out scented wipes for a plain wet washcloth, drink lots of water, make sure everyone washes their hands, and—since different positions can spread bacteria differently—try to treat this limitation as a challenge: What are some new and different ways you can hook up?She responded that she likes me as well and loves being around me but really didn’t know where they stand, and now that she knows how I feel, this is a game changer.The next time we were all out at another festival in town, she was getting pretty drunk and hanging all over me in front of him.Either way, if you step back now, you’ll give the message that you’re not interested in competing or playing games.

You can have two great friends here or possibly none—and since Mary isn’t making an explicit decision, it’s time for you to be decisive.

After three dates, you can break it off with anyone for any reason you like. Once you backpack with a quilt, you’ll never go back.

Is it appropriate to break it off with a woman after three dates because she doesn’t like dogs?

Congratulate your friend, don’t engage with Mary’s flirtations, and dial back on the drunk texting.

Maybe Mary even has some cool outdoorsy friends she can set you up with for a double paddleboarding date.

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