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Is it possible you can customize your hats for your military veterans that work for you.They could wear them all the time or at the very least, on the special Veteran Holidays to distinguish them.Reply Dear Corporate Management, I am a customer and I have been shopping your store at Westport in Louisville for years now. Among other things: Rotten potatoes on special sale.Butter with an expiration date of October (today is November 21).so maybe U need a new lp guy at the Harrison store . The night i am writing this out it was only myself and one other person working with little to no help from any managers.

I really want to see how long it takes you to reply and how serious you take customer complaints.

In 2016, the company had annual revenue of .6 billion. Answer 1: The phone number for Meijer is (616) 453-6711. I am looking for contact information in order to verify this employment and any discipline history.

The applicant has applied to the Michigan State Police and I am the background investigator assigned to him. Mail prescription system totally broken in this store.

The so called loss prevention asshole was rude and not doing his job . On some days management is awesome but on other days with different managers, it is not so pleasant.

Considering I’ve seen people Walk out with l carts and baskets full of unpaid merchandise and nothing was done to them .. As for under staffing, on days we get large loads of both gm and grocery, we only get help for the morning.

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