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It is best to have a hairstyle that needs to be styled using rollers or a curling iron as this perm gives the appearance of a full head of hair.

A root perm is a great choice for ladies with round and triangular faces, since this perm style adds height to the crown and will help balance these face types.

Gentle waves give hair form and body but without creating actual curls.

This perm is done on a large rod so it does not create a strong curl pattern.

Body waves are best worn on medium length hair that is naturally straight and fine.

While many face shapes can pull off this perm type, it is especially flattering for square and diamond faces because of the overall volume and softness it creates.When most people think of a perm, they don't realize how many different perm looks there really are.Perms can be formal, fun, flirty, or functional - depending on the style.They work on short and medium length hair in a similar manner as a partial spiral but only perming one area such as an asymmetrical hairstyle.Hair thickness or length has no effect for this perm other than what size of perm rod is used.

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