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They felt their product was so superior to other manufacturer’s processes that it was not necessary for them to mark the pieces as gold filled, referring to their product as Krementz Overlay.During WWII, a time when base metals were scarce for jewelry production, Gold-filled finishes over sterling are used, with some finishes having a tendency to darken and tarnish through to the gold surface over time.This is a good rule to follow for anyone selling jewelry with gold content on the Internet. Below is some information on Sikhism, weddings and matrimonial services.

Pre-wedding Rituals Like several different weddings, shopping is surely an indispensable a piece of a Sikh marital.

A mark such as “1/10 12k.g.f.” indicates the piece has a bonded 12-karat surface and the amount of gold used is equal to at least 1/10 of the piece’s entire weight. manufacturers switched from the 12 karat gold finish to a 14 karat gold finish in the 1970’s and 80’s, indicated by 14k.g.f.

The karatage and the quantity can vary, with some pieces only having 1/2 of the total weight in the gold finish. Gold filled finishes, which can be done in any karatage, can also be produced in various colors of karat gold-yellow, white, green, and pink (or rose).

Manufacturers continued to produce jewelry of this type after the war, up until the 1950’s.

You may encounter some jewelry items with markings such as Semi Metallic and Bi Metallic, which are copyrighted names for one particular manufacturer’s version of the process.

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Silver fineness varies widely, and silver alloys that range from 75% to 95% purity are used.

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