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Solid permeable reactive materials and/or synthetic media are used within replaceable treatment cartridges (RTCs) and coupled with interlocking mechanical components to create a versatile and effective remedial system.

The innovation includes: 1) the unique mechanical design that can be driven into the ground and tied to conventional sheet piling or slurry walls in a funnel-and-gate configuration at some sites, or in open excavations or boreholes at other sites; 2) the flexibility to treat contaminated groundwater, contaminated surface water, contaminated water draining from sediment, or combinations of these impacted media; 3) the ability to easily exchange RTCs and extend the life expectancy of the remedial system; 4) the optimally combined, compacted, and configured materials/media installed within RTCs; and 5) optional ports that can be installed within the remedial system to monitor treatment by the RTCs.

Seminar pre-registration helps with planning, but does not guarantee seating (except for fee seminars which require direct registration with the sponsor). Time: 3/21/2018 – 3/21/2018 Location: Upper Lobby of New Ticket Office The CAWV State Meeting will be held March 21 at a.m. Contact: Pat Mc Donald – (304) 342-1166 – [email protected]: 3/21/2018 – 3/21/2018 Location: Parlor B An informational session regarding changes to the state Historic Rehabilitation Tax Credit by the Legislature in 2017.

Explanation of the changes and how the program is now being administered will be discussed.

Various levels of “Prescriptive Guidelines” will be provided for all building systems and components along with “Lessons Learned” by the participants who have achieved Net-Zero Energy Buildings.

Continuing Education: 1 PDH Contact: Shane Hall – (304) 416-5304 – [email protected]: 3/21/2018 – 3/21/2018 Location: Parlor C Ai-Remedial Systems, LLC (Ai-RS) is developing an innovative in-situ technology to contain and treat contaminated water in the subsurface environment as well as contaminated water in above-ground applications (i.e., surface water or water draining from contaminated sediment).

The use of Bulb Tee and U Girder cross sections and innovative substructure designs can help reduce construction costs and improve long term durability.Continuing Education: 1 PDH Contact: Mark Sankoff – (304) 342-1400 – [email protected]: 3/21/2018 – 3/21/2018 Location: Parlor A Overcoming the obstacles and mysteries of using ORP to drive wastewater processes.Discussion on what works and where to use ORP to increase efficiency in your plant.Today there are numerous examples of Net-Zero Energy Buildings as demonstrated during ASHRAE’s Net-Zero and Beyond Conference in 2009.This presentation will cover the guidance contained in the existing AEDG documents for different building types and climatic zones, IEQ design guidance for high performing buildings, along with examples of buildings that have successfully demonstrated 30%, 50% and greater savings over the requirements of 90.1 including various Net-Zero Energy facilities.

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Continuing Education: 1 PDH Contact: Roger Kennedy – (304) 727-5501 – [email protected]: 3/21/2018 – 3/21/2018 Location: Parlor D Discuss different types of pumps, application keys, hydraulic design, troubleshooting pumping systems using hydraulic indicators.

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