Dating daniel

Accuracy of the book itself in describing the events of a period.

The claims the book itself may make about its dating and whether those claims seem legitimate.

However he believes that Daniel (and Esther) was a later work in which the author used older Hebrew even though he wrote much later than Chronicles (p114).

Elsewhere he calls the Hebrew sections an attempt to imitate pre-exilic Biblical Hebrew (p122), yet he fails to provide any evidence for this theory.

His thesis was refuted and rejected by the scholars of his day and then was burned.

536 date for the final writing, however the Hebrew in and of itself is not sufficiently indicative of a specific date to help in the dispute about dating the book.

More important in dating the Hebrew sections are the loan words found in the Hebrew sections, the connection of the Hebrew to the Aramaic section and other non-linguistic indicators found within the Hebrew sections.

Further more the book of Daniel would not vacillate between Hebrew and Aramaic if it was written in the Hellenistic period.

For the Apocryphal books of the Hellenistic period come down to us in Greek.

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Namely, examining and dating the language(s) used in the document.

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