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Until the 1950s, Sintrivani Square was the center of Chania life, a place where public gatherings took place and where ships entered the harbour and passengers and goods disembarked.The area was also used as a large informal outdoor theatre where epic poems were regularly performed. Karaoli-Dimitriou to Sifaka Street Address: Karaoli-Dimitriou to Sifaka, Macharadika.

For centuries, a number of smaller fountains were incorporated into the facades of many public and private buildings including the Venetian Town hall, as well as the warehouses and cafes around the port, especially during the Ottoman Turkish period.

At the turn of the twentieth century, the site served as Chania’s first “Idaion Andron” cinema and theatre and then as a storage facility for military equipment from WWII to 1962.

The Archaeological Museum currently exhibits collections of pottery, inscribed tablets, vases, glassware, jewelry, coins, sculpture, sarcophagi and mosaics all dating from the Neolithic to the Byzantine periods, but with an emphasis on Minoan and Graeco-Roman material, recovered from numerous excavations across west Crete including Kydonia, Idramia, Aptera, Polyrenia, Kissamos and Lissos. Old Venetian Town Hall Address: Halidon and Zambeliou, Old Town.

In answering his prayers, the Virgin saved the child and as a result, the site was bequeathed to the Christian community for the construction of a new church, at the same time as the worker returned the icon of the Presentation of the Virgin. Old Turkish Hamam Address: Sarpaki and Halidon 33, Old Town.

Located on the corner of Halidon and Sarpaki Streets, this building, now a clothes shop, features eleven small hemispherical domes and a partially obscured larger dome on its roof and originally served as one of three public hamams or steam bathes built by the Ottoman Turks in Chania (the others being on Katri and Zambeliou Streets).

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This modest Neoclassical church is dedicated to the Virgin of the Three Martyrs, the patron saint of Chania and was constructed between 18 on the site of a Venetian church which the Ottoman Turks later converted into a soap factory.

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