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The litmus test for whether or not you’re navigating this well is that people at work shouldn’t be able to tell you’re dating unless you directly tell them.

Right now, you two are failing that test, so I’d work on some strong course correction (which may need to mean over-correction for a while). I don’t want to show up for my last day of work For the past year and a half, I have been working for a company that has become a toxic place to work.

Say something like this: “Since this was called a team lunch, I’d assumed this was a work activity, not something we were doing on our own time that we wouldn’t get paid for. Given that it wasn’t clear that this wasn’t an official work activity and that you expected us to attend on our own time, I’m hoping we can get paid for that time.” Also, if the lunch was presented as required or expected and you’re non-exempt, say this: “We’re actually required to pay people for work activities that they’re required to attend, and we could get in trouble with the state department of labor for not doing that.” (And that would cover the whole two hours, by the way; you wouldn’t need to subtract your standard 35-minute lunch break.) If that doesn’t work, yes, talk to HR — preferably along with some of your coworkers so that you’re not singled out as the person raising a fuss. I was fired and haven’t received my belongings back I’m fairly new to the professional world, and I passed the interview, got the job and started in September 2017.

I should mention that my company is not granting exit interviews.

All I was given was an exit letter that serves as a checklist and I’ve taken care of all of those tasks.

Don’t burn the bridge on your way out the door when you’ve made it this far, just to avoid being there for one more day.

You never know when you’ll need a reference from this place — or even from a peer, who may feel uncomfortable giving you a reference if you leave unprofessionally.

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