Dating and personality traits

Like us on Facebook to get our articles delivered directly to your News Feed. Lewandowski's research explores the self’s role in romantic relationships focusing on attraction, relationship initiation, love, infidelity, relationship maintenance, and break-up.

Recognized as one of the Princeton Review’s Top 300 Professors, he has also authored dozens of publications for both academic and non-academic audiences. I'd like to see the results of this poll from married couples who have been married to one person for over 30 years.

A cross sectional survey with 678 participants—including cohorts from college as well as the general population—provided data for this study.

To get to the bottom of the science behind online dating, we talked with Grant Langston, the CEO of e Harmony.

B C: What qualities do you use to determine compatibility?

GL: Through research done on thousands of couples, we found that there were actually 29 variables that factored into the most successful, enduring relationships.

The three most important personality traits were actually found to be agreeableness, altruism, and accommodation.

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