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Wayward works of art by famous artists are rediscovered all the time, and do you know the main reason why?Because luck has it that someone somewhere with adequate knowledge of what they're looking at can identify either the styles or the signatures and rescue them.

The buyer doesn't really follow the career of the artist and some years later because she's moving or her tastes have changed or whatever, she gives the art to an acquaintance who happens to like the way it looks.And it's not like people don't try to figure out who made this unidentifiable art-- they try to decipher the names by looking at them, searching randomly online, asking artists or gallery owners if they recognize the art or the names, trying to locate similar looking art online, or even hiring someone who offers identification services (including me; I do it all the time).Whenever a work of art ends up in circumstances like this where nobody knows, remembers or can identify the artist, and nobody really likes or cares about the art all that much (forget about how good it may be from a critical perspective or how famous the artist might be), it ends up at flea markets, garage sales, auctions, the Salvation Army, Joe's Maison de Junk, in the garbage, in the fireplace, garages, attics, gathering mold in basements or outbuildings, getting crammed into storage lockers, protecting barbeque grills from the rain, or becoming toys for little Billy-- you name it.The new owner doesn't ask who it's by, doesn't really care, and our owner doesn't bother mentioning who did it (assuming she even remembers) because after all, she got it cheap and it was no big deal at the time, right? Meanwhile, the artist has become relatively famous, and that piece of art is now worth ,000. Hey-- this happens-- and it happens a lot more often than you might think.If artists had any idea of the fates that befall unsigned works of art art or those with signatures that can't be identified, a lot fewer signatures would be deliberately incomprehensible or absent altogether.

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