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Consequently, in many cases, the British looked to not only to other sources for war materiel (most notably the United States) but to substitute standard equipment as well.One example of this wartime policy can be seen in the adoption of the Remington/Eddystone manufactured Pattern 1914 .303 rifle.Standard finish was a mirror-polish blue with a color case hardened hammer, ejector rod tip, and lanyard swivel.Screw heads and the trigger were a bright fire blue.Another is the case of the .455 caliber service revolvers. V was the standard British service pistol, and was supplanted in 1915 by a product improved variant known as the Webley Mk. The top-break Webleys were well designed, reliable, and accurate arms whose only fault was that they could not be made rapidly enough to fill the demand created by a burgeoning British military.To meet this demand, the British turned to the two foremost manufacturers of revolvers in the world, Colt and Smith&Wesson.

The small leaf springs in the hammer strut and the cylinder locking bolt were replaced with small coil springs.

The New Service was introduced in November 1898, and was available in seven chamberings: .476 Eley, .455 Eley, .450 Eley, .45 Colt, .44-40, .44 Russian, and .38-40.

Factory barrel lengths were set at 4.5", 5.5", and 7.5", with the 4.5" barrels being markedly less common than the other two.

The triggerguard was made wider and was contoured into the frame in a series of streamlined curves.

The bottom of the crane hinge was covered, providing protection against dents.

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