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Though this relationship is not based on a 'give and take' philosophy, circumstances are such that they allow the individuals to learn and benefit from each other on every step on the way. Going by what they can achieve and what they have, the Cancer and Scorpio couple can last long and live a great life together. Once you’ve blown it with someone born under this star sign, it’s hard to avoid a breakup.She wants her life to be exciting and undertakes such activities to fulfill her wishes.Though not intentionally, it always so happens that she finds herself amongst people and crowds that demand more from her than just a silent appearance.Nine times out of ten, breakups with Scorpios will be down to some kind of power struggle.Scorpio is the biggest control freak in the Zodiac and if you dump a Scorpio, it's usually because you can't stand any more of their manipulativeness and possessiveness.It’s true that as a fixed sign, Scorpio is resistant to change and doesn’t give up easily.

Getting back a Scorpio ex is far from easy so it's best not to hope for too much.In turn, they may punish your betrayal by seeking revenge.Cruelty comes easily to some Scorpios and you’ll meet more bullies born under this star sign than any other.A Scorpio woman on the other hand is dangerous and adventurous with her life.She does not fear anyone but a few selected people.

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