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Only seven of the 53 HIV infections occurred among insertive partners; the studys model indicated that five of these infections could have been avoided if the men had been circumcised.

[No figure for how many of the seven HIV infections were among circumcised insertive men.

It is hard to escape the conclusion that this line was written before the study began.

New results and ideas are argued in the halls of research institutions, presented at scientific meetings, published in scholarly journals, all out of the public view.An unexplored area is what else the churches advocated or required beside circumcision.Since the church circumcisions occur on the eighth day after birth, it seems likely they model themselves on Judaism: what other Jewish practices do they advocate, and what effect could those have on HIV acquisition?"Scientists have power by virtue of the respect commanded by the discipline.We may therefore be sorely tempted to misuse that power in furthering a personal prejudice or social goal -- why not provide that extra oomph by extending the umbrella of science over a personal preference in ethics or politics?

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