Consolidating iphoto libraries

Once the images are downloaded to your Mac, the flash storage device is more than likely erased to make room for a new batch of photos.If you’re an avid photographer, your image library has the potential to be bursting at the seams with images you've taken over the years.i Photo is a great application but many people may not like the way that it manages photos in one single, monolithic library.i Photo Library Manager expands your options instantly and allows you to organize and edit digital photos, but it restricts you to having to keep all of your photos in a single, monolithic library.i Photo Library Manager adds an additional level of control over your i Photo collection by allowing you to keep your photos in multiple libraries and transfer them back and forth without losing keywords, ratings, and any other information you've assigned to.i Photo Library Manager enables you to split large libraries into smaller ones, or even merge two smaller libraries into a bigger one.This isn't a concern for the normal use of Time Machine as a backup system, something used to restore your Mac to its present condition should something bad happen.But it is a concern if you want to keep long-term copies of items, such as your photos.Digital photos are among the most important and meaningful files you keep on your computer, and as with any important files, you should maintain current backups of them.

Mac users coming from i Photo may wish to move an i Photo Library to the new Photos app.If you already have a busy Photos library, you’re going to be working with two different image libraries now, which is why it’s generally best to allow Photos app to pull in your i Photo or Aperture library on first launch.If you’d like to merge two different libraries, well, at the moment, there is no way to directly perform a merging of an i Photo library with a Photos library without manually intervening and importing photos on your own.After, you can continue using this library both in Aperture and i Photo.Before you get started, it’s important to open each of the i Photo libraries you’d like to get merged at least one time in the app i Photo 9.3 and its later versions.

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