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God’s calling is a special privilege, but it is also an incredible challenge.

On the night before Christ was crucified, He prayed that the Father would help His disciples then and now, and protect them from the world around them (John ).

The Apostle Paul made it clear that God wants us to live in a way that is “different” from the world around us—walking in “newness of life” (Romans 6:4).

And Christ’s revelation through John admonishes us to also be separate from the sinful world we live in (Revelation 18:4).

Our “throw-away-society” even results in “discarding” a dating partner when there is no more use for him or her.

Heartache and dejection are so commonplace in the worldly dating scene that they are basically expected to be a “natural” part of the average person’s dating experience.

And what happens once personal needs are met and a person realizes this “special someone” is not “the one” to spend “forever” with?

As Christians, we must recognize that if we are not careful, worldly practices can make their way into our lives—even unbeknownst to us.

This more thoughtful analysis reveals incompatibility factors, character flaws, and a lack of common vision and purpose between the two individuals.

But because the relationship is grounded on attraction and physical intimacy, there is little to hold it together and a “break-up” often results, followed by heartache and emotional pain.

In Satan’s modern world, sexual attraction and loneliness are two common motivators behind dating—not that attraction is wrong. Dating is seldom about building a friendship, or serving another person.

Often, the end-goal in dating today is not to “give” to another person or even find a mate, but instead to fill one’s personal needs of loneliness and greed.

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