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The anorexia, the self-harm, the downright weird statements about incest…Christina Ricci freely admits that she was one mixed-up kid.But now, the actress tells Catherine Elsworth, it's time the world saw her afresh I'm walking up to the Hollywood sushi restaurant where I'm due to meet the actress Christina Ricci for lunch, when I see a photographer leap out of a car and begin frantically snapping pictures.I follow his gaze to a black Mercedes that has just pulled up at the kerb and see a petite figure in a green minidress, flip-flops and oversized sunglasses hand her car keys to the valet and step swiftly towards the restaurant entrance. She's used to the paparazzi but today, for some reason, she wasn't expecting to be followed. I'm pretty certain there's going to be some crotch shots.'I only realised recently that other people don't give interviews like this where they talk non-stop. I took it to heart then, and 20 years later I'm still doing it. Sometimes people are, like, "You're talking way too much."'Speed Racer, a family film, is a departure for Ricci on several fronts: it's her first action film, potentially her first blockbuster, and probably the only time she'll see her character get its own plastic action figure and Mc Donald's Happy Meal.Ever since, aged ten, she played the endearingly malevolent Wednesday Addams in The Addams Family (1991), Ricci's fans have become used to seeing her play dark, damaged young women, such as Rae, the abused nymphomaniac from the 2006 film Black Snake Moan (after which Ricci announced, 'I've had enough sex for the next two years with this movie'), Shelby, the lesbian lover of Charlize Theron's serial killer in Monster (2003) and the tormented teens she played in the art-house films The Ice Storm (1997), Buffalo '66 (1998) and Prozac Nation (2001).Christina Ricci, who just completed a three-episode arc on "Saving Grace," has another reason to celebrate.The "Speed Racer" star is engaged to actor Owen Benjamin, report celebrity sites.

"'Filming, however, did not get off to an ideal start when, on her first day, Ricci found herself assaulted by a co-star who latched on to her breast and refused to let go.

Previously, Ricci had dated actor Adam Goldberg for three years. Christina Ricci, who just completed a three-episode arc on "Saving Grace," has another reason to celebrate.

Previously, Ricci had dated actor Adam Goldberg for three years.

At one point she shrank to six stone and so disliked her appearance that she covered all the mirrors in her house. And then you get to a point at a certain age when you're, like, "All right, I guess I have to take care of myself now."'The 28-year-old actress gave up drinking some years ago and now has three sessions a week with a personal trainer, though she often wimps out of cardio, she confesses: 'I'm a lazy, lazy girl.

But I figure I'm so high-strung I probably burn the same calories in nervous energy'.

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Ricci, 29, has been publicly dating Benjamin, 28, since November.

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  1. Thank you ive been dating a Virgo man but he's so mysterious, says something and next time totaly different from the previous. when he asks for space I give him but when I assume so much he feels bad cause it seems I'm always the one that should look for him.