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The Duquesne Brewing Company of Pittsburgh was formed by a group of South Side businessmen and incorporated on April 4, 1899 and throughout its history pioneered advanced methods of brewing, marketing, and distribution until 1972 when the company ceased operations.

Duquesne Brewing Company benefited from consistent, progressive leadership, whose entrepreneurial approach to both the business and technology of brewing allowed the company to successfully adapt to many changes in the brewing industry.

You can explore these National Register nominations and other historic properties in Pennsylvania via CRGIS, our online map and database.

Originally, we thought our goal amount was going to cover all of the building expenses, but now that we have neared the end of our project, we realize that we still need to raise about ,000 more.In 1900 – six years before the mass manufacture of automobiles – the company was also the first to introduce an electric beer delivery truck in Pittsburgh.As part of its bid to move quickly to the top of the restored beer market after Prohibition, the Duquesne Brewing Company became the first brewery in Pittsburgh to package its beer in cans, which then had cone-shaped tops and bottle-cap seals.If the Lord should lead you to get involved in helping us reach the rest of our needed funding, whether it be through monthly giving or a one-time gift, we would thoroughly appreciate it.We also appreciate your prayers as we begin to fill our apartments and ministering to those that leave the Amish in the near future.

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