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It’s important to understand that our sexual desires are rooted in our need for connection, and then seek to channel that connection in healthy and productive ways.First, we must allow our desires to bring us in connection with God.I want them to come to me, to talk with me, to share with me and allow me to enter into their struggles.

A: Whether you are a man or woman, dealing with sexual desire is something that you will face at many points in your unmarried life (and then again in different ways through your married life as well).

What I mean by this is that so many times we are wired to run from God in guilt, fear, and shame when we are struggling with our sexual desires.

As a mother of two, I know that the LAST thing I want my children to do when they are truly struggling is to go and hide.

I believe that the more a person rehearses God's word, the more it will become a part of them.

Q: Can you tell me how to control sexual desires when single?

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More than anything else, our desire for sex and sexual intimacy is evidence of our need to connect.

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