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'Their recovery is not just important to their families, but also the investigation as it may help identify any contributory factors.

'Formal identification is yet to take place and this may take some time.

Neighbour and retired electronics engineer Richard Mann, 78, briefly served with Kevin on Hulcote and Salford Parish Council, where Mr Burke was the vice-chairman for several years.'It's very worrying what's happened' he said. It took them two years to build.'At a neighbouring property, Silver Birches, a teenager said: 'Have you come about Kevin? On a footpath sign adjoining the property, a notice says an application has been made by Brook Farm House for a bund, to reduce noise to the property from the M1.

The helicopter had been due to land in Weston Airport on the Dublin - Kildare border.

Having searched for almost 12 hours, the sea operation was called off just before midnight on Wednesday.

The search was scaled back overnight due to poor weather conditions but North Wales Police and mountain rescue teams are continuing to search on the ground.

The exact location is not being revealed at this time to allow a dignified and unhindered recovery of the bodies in what is described as very difficult and challenging terrain. Gareth Evans at North Wales Police said 'The aircraft, a red Twin Squirrel helicopter had failed to arrive in Dublin from Luton yesterday afternoon instigating a full sea and then land search and rescue operation.There was no answer at the property, which had seven cars on the drive.Close friend of the family Michael Jones appeared close to tears when asked about the family and said: 'Now is not the time.'The couple, who have a son Jamie and daughter Jess, moved into their purple-painted mansion just before Christmas 2016, following two years of construction, having built the home from scratch.HM Coroner for north west Wales Mr Dewi Pritchard-Jones has been informed and opened an investigation.Supt Lewis added: 'The location is not easily accessible for vehicles and so we are asking for the local and greater community’s continued support in staying away from the immediate area to allow emergency services and personnel access.'Whilst we are undertaking the removal of the bodies we ask the family’s privacy and dignity during this process be respected and repeat our notification that a temporary exclusion zone over the crash site with a height of 5,500-foot above sea level and a 5 nautical mile radius is currently in place.

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