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When Douglas' anti-slavery plank was finally voted into the platform over a previous vote in favor of a pro-slavery plank, 50 Southern delegates made good their promise and dramatically walked out of the convention.The loss of those 50 left the convention without enough delegates to give Douglas the nomination.As for the number of slaves owned by each master, 88% held fewer than twenty, and nearly 50% held fewer than five.The geographical center of the United States lies somewhere near Chillicothe, Ohio. Total number of slaves in the Border States: 432,586 (13% of total population).

“One of the things we wanted to make sure of is that kids all across the district in all 12 elementary schools are getting the same quality instruction.They also visited a session of Congress whose noisy atmosphere, as Ambassador Muragaki humorously remarked, "resembled somewhat that of our fish market at Nihonbashi." At the end of June 1860, the Japanese envoys departed on the ship Niagara to make their return journey to Japan. Financially, the service was a failure and ended in October 1861, after completion of transcontinental telegraph line.Letters cost an ounce to send, and took 17-18 days to travel nearly 2,000 miles between San Francisco, California, and St. April 23-May 3, 1860 - Democratic Convention opens in Charleston, South Carolina.Southern delegates were already opposed to Douglas, the party's leading candidate, over his Freeport Doctrine—a concept Douglas put forth during the Lincoln-Douglas debates of 1858 that a territory's failure to pass laws enforcing slavery would, by default, outlaw slavery in that territory.Moreover, the "fire-eaters" among the Southern Democrats actually wanted the Republican candidate to win the election, thus hastening the secession of the slave states.

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