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The below two pictures will help show why you will need a skimmer.The first picture is taken two days after cleaning my skimmer cup before I started carbon dosing.My phosphates levels now remain very low around 0.03ppm and my nitrates levels will stay just around 1 ppm.In older and more established set-ups, carbon dosing is not recommended, at least not recommended without a lot of carful research first.Carbon dosing certainly is not a new concept, but it has become more popular in recent years as hobbyist have been learning more about it and seeing some good results.It can be argued that this topic must be researched just as you would any other aspect of the hobby, but I would suggest this would require a little more detailed research as carbon dosing requires a good understand of: maintaining good water chemistry (water parameters), the factors that affect water chemistry, and how to quickly recognize changes in the appearance of your corals and/or the behavior of your fish.It is important to note, there is no recorded cases yet (at least that I was able to find) of carbon dosing leading to the growth of pathogenic bacteria (the bad bacteria that can lead to tank crashes).Carbon dosing can also lower the amount of oxygen in your tank.

This difference is commonly reported by many hobbyists.This will in turn lower your PH and your alkalinity.Both can lead serious and negative effects on all your livestock and corals in extreme cases if you are not closely watching your parameters and react to it quickly.In my opinion this is only a benefit if you have first identified and understand the causes of the higher nutrients and have considered and tried other methods of reducing these levels.The second benefit is the increased coloration of some SPS corals, mostly due to the reduced nutrient levels.

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