Cacti spine not updating rrd interactive brokers simulated trading account updating

This is because your smallest resolution RRA is a Count 12, meaning you need 12 PDP to make one CDP.Until you have enough data to write a CDP, you have nothing to graph, and your graph will always have unknown data.

Also make sure that the user runs as has permission to create new files in Cacti's 'rra/' directory.

You can use the about page to determine whether to are using “built-in” or “external” SNMP support.

Now that you have working SNMP support, follow these steps. On binary-based distributions, make sure you have the \'php-mysql\' package installed.

Also make sure that \'\' is uncommented in your file.

Give cactid|spine, the future replacement for a try.

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More often than not, this problem's cause is permissions.

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