C self updating application

Ø Win32 Service (Win32 services are the services which is running by the executable file installed by the Application).

Ø System or Kernel Services (Kernel services are the services which are used by the OS to communicate to the hardware devices). The purpose of ODBC is to allow the user to access data from any application.

Components are collections of resources that are always installed or removed as a unit from a user's system.

A resource can be a file, registry key, shortcut, or anything else that may be installed.

If there is a mismatch between the current system state and the value specified in the MSI package (e.g., a key file or registry is missing), then the related feature is reinstalled.

Then it does not see that only the feature which triggered the self heal should be repaired, but the whole MSI, by which I mean, all its features are reinstalled.

It is not necessary to do setup capture to call it repackaging, even creating must files or is files can be called application repackaging. The installation information, and often the files themselves, are packaged in installation packages, loosely relational databases structured as OLE COM Structured Storages and commonly known as “MSI files”, from their default file extension.

Ø Review the packaging requirements (User Requirement Review). Windows Installer contains significant changes from its predecessor, Setup API.

The Registry is a single place for storing information about the Windows OS (Hardware & Software) Ø Root Keys / Subtrees Ø Subkeys Ø Hives Ø Entries Types of Registry keys Ø Machine-Specific (HKCR, HKLM, HKCC, HKU) Ø User-Specific (HKCU, HKU) Types of Registry Root keys Ø HKEY_CLASS_ROOT (HKCR) Ø HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE (HKLM) Ø HKEY_CURRENT_CONFIG (HKCC) Ø HKEY_CURRENT_USER (HKCU) Ø HKEY_USERS (HKU) Shortcuts are the entry points to the applications installed on the system which is normally points to a file: Ø Advertised (File should be Installed by the Application).

Ø Non Advertised (File that is not part of Installation. A windows service is a background process which is loaded by the Service Control Manager of the OS.

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For example, an MSI might install French and English versions of a program, each of which is a different product. Windows Installer configuration commands operate only on Features (installing, advertising, Uninstalling).

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