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Another might be just the opposite — The Un-Favourite — because of resemblance to the mother that walked out on the father — or even because they remind the father of the saintly mother.

If the saintly mother died in childbirth, then the poor kid who was birthed this way usually has a hell of a lot of resentment to get over, no matter what the physical similarities, often due to the father, consciously or unconsciously, blaming him or her for the mother's death.

Parental Favoritism can have a huge impact on characters even when they become adults.

These divisions can be by: Any of these criteria can backfire.

For example, one child might be the favorite because they look and act just like their saintly, deceased mother.

Bad enough when you're an only child, but if you're among a pack of siblings, this particular trope is nearly guaranteed to raise its head at some point in order to make life even more difficult.

Parental Favoritism is just what it sounds like — one child is given preference over their siblings. One child being asked to do the other's chores because their sibling is sick is not favoritism, although that won't stop the kid lumbered with the extra work from grumbling.

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As a child, he had a speaking problem and used to stutter often, as he started going to his school Penns Grove High School.

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