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Lanie’s hands-on matching and dating coaching makes the whole journey a lot smoother and less frustrating because you have someone to talk to and guide you along the way.

“It really is hard to have everybody’s happiness on your shoulders,” Lanie reflected, “when you can only do what you can do.

Today, her business connects singles living in and around Western Massachusett. “I never know who’s going to be lucky.” Attentive and compassionate, Lanie’s goal is to provide a cost-effective solution for singles in Western Massachusetts, parts of New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and Vermont that hover around Western Massachusetts, or who are willing to drive to Western Massachusetts to meet her.

“I see people of all ages, all educations, all religions, and all orientations,” she told us. I help everybody.” Mass Match gives singles the opportunity to make a change in their dating experiences.

If you don’t have a computer or internet access, the matchmaker can also send the information via mail.

She asks new members to fill out a detailed application that touches on everything from their political views to their employment status.

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