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It offers you neatly appointed rooms in a city centre location.Relax in our lounge, watch TV in your room or use free Wifi access.... I kept my eyes peeled for old school signs like this one at a drugstore, which uses the old vessel with a pestle motif.Since I am an ancient graybeard now, I remember when drugstores had these glass pitchers or bottles full of colored liquid in the window. When you see an overhanging vinyl awning sign, walk under it and look under the awning — hidden treasures, like this Wetter’s (? If you have been following FNY for awhile now, you know brick architecture is my favorite type–to me you can’t go wrong with red bricks.

The original Calvary Cemetery lies between the Long Island Expressway (formerly Borden Avenue), Greenpoint Avenue and 37th Street, Review Avenue and Laurel Hill Boulevard.After forming the Degnon Construction Company in Cleveland in 1895, Degnon, whose chief line of construction was in railroads, moved his headquarters to New York in 1897.The Degnon Company built many of the IRT’s early subway tunnels in Manhattan and Brooklyn from 1904-1908; the Steinway tunnels originally meant to carry trolley cars but later fitted for subways; what is now known as the PATH tunnel under 6th Avenue; and much of the original Pennsylvania Station.In 1847 the Rural Cemetery Act was passed, prohibiting any new burial grounds from being established on the island of Manhattan.Presciently anticipating the legislation, trustees of the old St.

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