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We watch them from the still of our canoe on Lake Chalalan – a vast pool of water rimmed by giant trees in the jungle of western Bolivia. Ovidio, my guide, whispers: “Every early evening, the caimans trail the monkeys jumping about the lake shore in the hope that one of them might slip.” I gulp at the thought.

We are deep in Madidi National Park, an area of 1.895 million hectares of South American rainforest, glaciers and Andean peaks bordering Peru.

Wanting to thank them for saving his life, he began working on securing a bank loan and beseeched NGO Conservation International to set up an ecotourism project, owned by the village, with profits ploughed back into the community.

Ovidio tells me: “Chalalan is a dream come true.” But this dream is threatened, I learn.

The Bolivian government’s proposed El Bala and Chepete hydroelectric dams would see parts of Madidi flooded and several thousand locals displaced.

The slender branches bounce with shrieking monkeys and barking blue-faced hoatzin, a prehistoric avian throwback.

Spider, squirrel and brown capuchin monkeys tight-rope along them in search of a fruity snack.

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We set off just after 6am to make the most of wildlife spotting.

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