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Some of our members are closeted outside of am Bi, and we want to protect their anonymity.

Inside am Bi, however, we are open and out to each other.

Founded in 2006, am Bi Los Angeles is a social/activity group for bi adults and friends across Greater Los Angeles.

am Bi LA exists to build a Bi Community through a variety of events and activities that allow bi people to meet, establish meaningful friendships, and have fun!

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Applicants who do not meet these 3 simple requirements will you usually be contacted, but this will result in significant and easily-avoided delays to your membership.

In LA, we often have to drive an hour just to have lunch with a friend - this can make community-building a challenge.

Our use of is intended to help overcome the obstacle of distance by allowing us to plan, discuss, and get to know each other - all from the comfort and convenience of wherever we happen to access the internet.

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