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Google Messenger also functions from within the dedicated i Phone/i Pad version of the Google application.Google Voice is entirely separate and is available to both Android and i OS devices.

As with Chat On, Kik, Skype and Viber, it requires that two people have the app installed in order to converse with one another.

Like Chat On, Facebook Messenger is available to a wide variety of smartphones (Android, Black Berry, i Phone, Windows Phone) and works with any other device (including tablets and PCs) that has Messenger installed.

Google actually has three OTT mobile chatting apps.

It goes back 10 years or more and uses Black Berry's messaging servers to deliver messages directly to other Black Berry users, completely avoiding carrier SMS services. Chat On is Samsung's mobile chat app, but unlike Black Berry Messenger, it is not limited to one platform.

In fact, Samsung has released versions of Chat On that work with Black Berrys, Android smartphones, the i Phone and even Windows Phones.

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most important for me is, i hate to type in a phone when i have a full size computer in front of me!

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