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I get a lot of messages online, but besides that it hasn't changed my life, What are you going to do after you graduate? My particular program is in the geography department, and it's called "Human Society and Development." It's about immigration and resource management.I think I sort of told people what they knew was the right thing to do anyway. You and Cecille were so strong throughout the competition. Cecille said, "This is so unfair, I can't believe we're so unlucky." I felt like just the opposite, we were really lucky.Nate: Well, the show is about a transformation, and from the very beginning they described it as a social experiment rather than as a competition, even though there was that aspect of competing to it. How many times are people given a second chance to redeem themselves?Today, Dern takes us back to those days, and specifically behind the scenes of his “TV romance” with model Jennylee Berns during filming on .If you ever wondered how couples could couple up on a “reality” TV series, and how real those romances could ever be, well, Dern fills you in on the hows, the whys and the reality of the situation in this new confessional, animated by Rich Chapple and directed by Todd Bieber for UCBComedy. And he wowed everyone with his nice-guy ways in the season finale, when he talked all his cast mates into giving the show's prize to Scooter and Megan, rather than rewarding his partner Cecille for her selfish ways.For obvious reasons, Cecille wasn't really in the mood for interviews last week, so had the Stormtrooper with a heart of gold all to ourselves.

I'd always taken being my own person and going to the beat of my own drum Were you scared that you were going to have to conform? Nate: I think we're just trying to stay close and keep being a part of each other's lives. Nate: During the show, my approach was to try to be a positive partner.Nate: That's definitely something I was thinking about. I gotta be honest with you: It's still not an everyday thing. I know you've told a million people about this already, but let's talk about you and Jennylee. She'll always have a really special place in my heart. I figured she had enough other people in the house that she was at ends with, she didn't need me also berating her.Especially around the makeover episode, 'cause cutting the beard, that's one thing. But wearing the really expensive clothing, that's something in particular that I had prided myself on not doing, so I felt a bit like a sellout or something. I don't need to wear three different types of plaid, but I also don't have to wear designer clothes. But for now we're just in different places, and I'm finishing school and don't know what I'm doing with my life, so I'm not quite ready to move to California or anything like that. In retrospect, I don't really like confrontation, but I think another lesson I can learn from the show is that there's a time when you need to step up and point out when you see something that isn't right. I hope that eventually Cecille will take something away from it.I've been trying to dress in a way so that if an old lady needed help, she wouldn't be afraid to ask me. Have you been seeing anyone else since then? Erin was suggesting that maybe Ceci would learn something after she got home. Unfortunately, I think Cecille felt like she was being attacked at the end.

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