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“I chose The Prayer because I thought it would showcase their talents. I hoped they might sing it at my wedding, to about 100 people.

“I never imagined that I would one day be sitting in my lounge watching two very dear students, whom I had seen grow up, singing that song to millions on national television.” Mrs Brown, in her twenties, has known the pair since she arrived at the school in 2007. Jonathan, then 12, a policeman’s son from Hainaut, east London, was shyer. But he was a very sweet boy then and he still is now.” She believes he has benefited from her approach of putting on as many school musical performances as possible, with the aim of building up every pupil’s confidence in the way that only a stage ovation can.

While Mrs Brown prefers not to talk about it directly, she alludes to his ordeal when she says: “I would like to think he felt we supported him as a school, and that he was known for his voice – instead of, maybe, other things.” Mrs Ewington said that during music lessons, Jonathan’s shyness vanished. With singing you have to put your emotions on the line, and it’s very exciting sitting there listening, thinking – wow, it’s not just a great voice, it’s also being sung with feeling and conviction.” As he and Charlotte prepared for their music GCSE, Mrs Ewington had the idea of asking them to perform together – because they were already friends, and because thought their voices would complement one another’s.

Their initial goal was to perform a duet for an exam in March last year.

The teacher said: “The first time I heard them rehearsing together in the school practice room, there were moments when I thought 'Wow, this is amazing’.

Jonathan refused, declaring: “We’ve come on here as a duo and we’re going to stay here as a duo.” Two things have helped Jonathan through his difficulties: the confidence instilled by performing, and the support of his singing partner Charlotte.

For these he can thank two teachers – Mrs Brown, head of music at West Hatch comprehensive in Chigwell, Essex, who put him forward for roles; and Jenny Ewington, the school’s singing coach, who paired the two youngsters together.

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