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Spent is the past and the past participle of spend.

Thus, spent can be used in a sentence in the following ways.

Katya Guseva: Everyone in my class is really trendy.

They spend a lot of time talking about clothes or accessories they want to spend their money on.

Complete the sentences with the correct form of the word Charles Darwin was a famous ( science).

Mark /5 gripping violent moving horror entertaining 1 The film was so ____________ that I cried at the end. 3 I couldn’t switch off the TV because the film was so ____________. Some friends of mine think that I’m boring and wear unfashionable things. Frankly speaking fashion is not very important for me. Looking clean and decent is more important than looking trendy, isn’t it? I’m sure that you must feel good in what you wear and that is all. 5 A ____________ is about a certain part of America. a) speaks b) spoke c) will speak lot of people usually die because of a terrible event like a storm or a fire. 4 In ____________ the actors have to act, sing and dance.

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