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A shorter form that is reliably floriferous and disease resistant, both excellent attributes from this group of plants! Mounds of cheering and very useful yellow foliage through winter and spring aging to lime in summer, although keeps a yellower look if grown in shade. The flowers turn delightfully sepia as they age (see photo). Long flowered, especially if dead headed, and it's a colour which goes with anything, cooling hot oranges and reds and lifting dark blues and purples. These are held aloft on massive stems making a dramatic large plant. Recommended where space is available and impact required. I have wanting to offer this ever since seeing it several years ago. The flowers being well spaced and particularly elegant. In February the shoots and leaves are a bright lime green and look wonderful against the dark earth. Great for insects and the flowers look like expensive rockets fizzing off.

Growing away quickly in semi-shade on a moisture retentive goodish soil it started to flower in May and the photo of the back of the flower on the right here was taken late October!

Perennial and robust, a real change for continuing colour in autumn.

Sun not wet.(Alcea x Althaea Hybrid) An excellent new Hollyhock-like plant which doesn't get rust!

The five small lime flowers form a cube, hence the name! It is extremely hardy (coming through the winter of 2009 unscathed) and incredibly floriferous.

In fact it does not require to be pot bound being an excellent plant to include in the garden border in sunny spot. Much used as an expensive cut flower, especially in bridal wreaths, pure white heads made up of many trumpet-shaped flowers in late summer.

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AGMAn incredibly rare plant with very smart, distinctive white variegated leaves against dark green centres. Lovely, freely produced yellow flowers are spotted with maroon. Easy in sun and mulch well in autumn in cold districts.

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